Re: verizon and TMobile offering LTE fixed wireless home internet with no data caps

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Well Brian,

When I tell friends in Europe or Turkey their jaws would drop when they hear of the costs of wireless plans. When I was in the UK, I was paying like 10 gbp, about 13 dollars for a plan with 3gb of data or so, unlimited minutes, and SMS. When they increased prices and data alotments, I drop to the 7.5 gbp plan with less data. I think that price was extremely good for the service. I could have payed 20 instead of 10, and gotten unlimited data up to 30 gb without throttling, or another 10-20 to remove all the throttling. In turkey, I paid like 23 tl a month, less than 3 dollars now, for 750 minutes, 1000 sms, and like 3 gb of data.

On 10/10/2020 2:25 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

            What service providers do, or I should say can get away with, varies widely by venue.  The fact that T-Mobile offers what it does offer here in the USA without requiring a contract (you can terminate at will) was (and largely remains) revolutionary.

             When I've mentioned to friends in Australia the service I have here, and the price I have it at, their jaws drop in the opposite direction.  They're shocked at how good I have it.

              I get throttled to a maximum of 600Kbps and that's still way more than sufficient for web surfing, at least to me.  Perhaps that's faster than 2G, but I know it's not as fast as 3G, as I used to have a Virgin Mobile MiFi hotspot (dedicated device) and it was slightly faster under 3G than my throttled speed is.

              I really cannot complain.  The cost savings I've achieved by dumping my landline telephone and DSL service, and getting two lines in the process with what is generally way more than enough hotspot data, free Netflix, and the ability to cancel service at will is way, way, way more than worth it.

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