Re: New Announce-Only Mailing List to Distribute News and Information Regarding Blindness Technology

Allen West


Thanks for this. I have subscribed.

On 10/10/20, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:
I did too and already have it an assigned box.

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and Information Regarding Blindness Technology

Hi, David,

I subscribed to the mailing list you told me.

thank you very much

2020-10-10 20:01 GMT+02:00, Alex Stone <>:
David, thanks for this!

On 10 Oct 2020, at 17:27, David Goldfield

Many thanks to the list owner who has given me permission to post the
following announcement.

From David Goldfield:

Many years ago an amazing woman named Amy Ruell ran a wonderful and
memorable mailing list called Amy’s Filters and Forwards. Subscribers
to her list received email announcements from other mailing lists
regarding new products and services, product upgrades and other
messages of interest to the visually impaired. I found that list to be
informative and invaluable.
Sadly, the list ceased operations.
I often do a little of what Amy had done where I send similar
announcements to mailing lists to which I’m subscribed. I have decided
to start my own announce-only list providing what I hope will be a similar
I’m subscribed to many different mailing lists and I also regularly
keep up with the latest news in the blindness technology field. This
list will be comprised of mailings containing these various
announcements. The types of emails that I plan to distribute may include
the following:

· News regarding hardware and software upgrades

· New blindness products and services

· News regarding enhancements to blindness services

· Employment opportunities which may be of interest or relevance
the visually impaired

· Upcoming webinars and conferences dealing with blindness

· How-to articles containing tips and tricks on using mainstream
technology of interest to the visually impaired, such as the iPhone,
Microsoft Office, etc.

Whenever possible I will also include a URL at the bottom of each
announcement leading to the original source material.
While the list won’t consist of any back and forth discussions I do
expect that this will be a medium to high traffic list.
Since this list has been formed I will no longer be submitting
announcements to other lists to which I’m subscribed. People who wish
to continue receiving these announcements must subscribe to the new list.
To subscribe to the list, send email to<>
If you have material that you’d like me to submit to the list, please
send it to<>
Please include the source URL when sending me the material. If a
source link is not included I will not post your announcement. If you
wish to submit an announcement regarding an upcoming webinar or
conference please include a link containing more information, such as
a description and a registration form. The announcement should be
relevant to blindness technology and I reserve the right to decide
whether it will or won’t be submitted to the list.
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think may be
interested in this mailing list. Before you forward this announcement
to another mailing list or online forum please contact the moderator
of that forum before posting this announcement and inquire as to
whether announcements such as this are permitted on the owner’s
mailing list or forum.
Many thanks for reading this and I am hoping that this new
announce-only list will be of some value to you. I won’t claim that
the list will be nearly as comprehensive as Amy’s original list as I
don’t feel that I have the time needed to even try and duplicate her
efforts. However, it is my hope that the list will help people to keep
up with the latest news and trends in the blindness technology space.
Here is hoping that all of you will try to stay as safe and healthy as
possible during these trying times. May our Lord bless you.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist JAWS Certified, 2019<>

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