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Correct it is in government hands! If it was not more than likely we would not have such a free service to us! As it takes lots and lots of money to do something like this . So we get it free thru our tax dollars and the government willingness to provide such a service to us for free! Otherwise we would be paying for such a good service. JST !


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NLS Bard is great, but it is in the hands of Congressional peoples, people who don't always know what we need. Not all of you guys can afford Bookshare, and we all know what Kindle is capable of ... lol But my thing is I can't read Braille books at the moment, and where to put the Bookshare stuff because my Apex is flat and I need to purchase a new charger. Maybe I'll call Humanware, and then I will have to purchase the charger with a gift card my pop and mom are supposed to send me soon.

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On 9/2/2015 5:22 PM, Matt wrote:
Well, this is government and weather they are doing it their self the update or upgrades or they bid it out it is still government in this case and it always take longer and for some reason if it can go wrong it will with government! But this being said just remember this is free to us. Well sort of our tax payer dollars is paying for it. But it is free and a great resource for us! It is not like they owe it to us! There is now lots of other sources out there so the thing in the nut shell don't bite the hand that is feeding you something fairly good for free! It is a great service and glad we have something like this. It is sort of like the BARD app for the iPhone. Is it perfect no but it is very good. Even though they have not updated it in along long time. I would really like to see a timer within the app ! But is this a deal breaker no. But it is a big feature that does needs addressing. So we should be more grateful for such things as it could be a whole lot worst on us . JST !


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I understand the frustrations since I am frustrated also ... mainly
because I got a glimpse of the recent additions and there were some
books I've been waiting on there. Lol luckily I am a heavy bookshare
user and also get a lot of books via kindle--freebies and stuff from
authors I like--so I have a bunch of books to tide me over until BARD
is back up. Luckily also for me I have some books on my BARD app
already. I just think of this as a good time to whittle down my TBR
pile some. :)


On 9/2/15, Merv Keck <> wrote:

Although I am a registered BARD user, I tend to use bookshare most of
the time, therefore I know very little about how NLS works on the web
and my iPhone. However, I did see an FCC bulletin that may or may not
be related stating that a major upgrade to some Federal databases
would be happening between September second and September 8th.
Therefore, many FCC related services with what they termed as web-facing interfaces would be affected..
This notice that I read did not mention BARD but since it is
apparently widespread and is a result of some major upgrades on the
national level servers I am wondering if BARD is affected.

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I understand your frustration with the Bard site but you must admit
they have done a very creditable job of providing us with the digital
books and the mobile app which is great. I would think we could have
a little patience with their current difficulties. I am sure they are
working hard to fix the problems and will have the site up as soon as they can.



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This is the latest I have on Bard from Colorado's Talking Book
Library, and I'm going to literally fudge the Congress people if they
can't get us back our books soon. No more errors! Please!

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BARD Outage


Wed, 2 Sep 2015 10:18:37 -0600


Teresa Kalber


Beth Taurasi

Good morning,

If you are a BARD user you may have noticed that the BARD website and
mobile app have not been accessible over the last day. The following
is a message from the National Library Service regarding this issue:

“NLS is experiencing technical problems with communication channels
administered by the Library of Congress that are necessary to run
BARD. We are making every effort to fix the problem and restore service.”

This is all the information we have at the present time.

We will send out another message as soon as BARD is back up and running.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Colorado Talking Book Library

Teresa Kalber
Network Systems Administrator
Colorado Talking Book Library
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180 Sheridan Boulevard, Denver, CO 80226

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