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Jaffar Sidek

Hi.  I don't code much in cSharp, but with c++ there is a choice during the project creation process where you could create a completely empty application template, then add your own files and boiler plate code.  Perhaps you could search for that option when using cSharp?  Cheers!

On 14/10/2020 4:49 am, Dave wrote:

I ju0st started to use Microsoft's Visual Studio to Write and Compile C
Sharp Code.


So far, I have yet to learn how to open up the editor in Visual Studio
to just start writing Code from Scratch.

So far, I need to go through the process of Creating a new application,
which puts me into the editor, but also brings in some Code fragments,
examples etc.  I do not need these extra bits of Code, and would like to
just open the editor to a blank screen, starting the cursor0 at line 1.

I did call the Microsoft Help Desk for the Disabled, but was told they
didn't support Visual Studio, and that I needed to call the normal Tech
channels, which probably means I will need to Pay for the Support, which
I do not intend to do.

So, thought I might ask here before I spent time looking else where.

Anyone know how to open up the editor in VS, to a blank screen, ready to
accept Code being typed into place?

Thanks ahead of time,

Grumpy Dave

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