Re: nvda doesn't tell me which cells are selected in libreoffice calc.

David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

     Latest means latest, right?
On one level, yes. However, please consider that someone who says "I am using the latest version of NVDA might sincerely believe that he is using the very latest version but may actually be using an earlier version without realizing it. He may not have been aware that one or more versions had been subsequently released since the version that he installed or which may have been installed for him. In fact, since a new version of NVDA was just released yesterday I can't assume that the user might actually be aware of this fact. Therefore, a user who tells me that he is using the latest version of a program doesn't actually verify to me that we're talking about the latest version. Specifying version numbers removes this ambiguity.
For LibreOffice, the latest version is 7.0.2. Is this the one you are running?

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On 10/14/2020 7:55 AM, Norman wrote:
Latest means latest, right?

nvda 2020.3 and libreoffice 7.2.2

I'll check github.


On 10/14/2020 6:01 AM, David Goldfield wrote:
Norman, while I don't write this to be unkind could you tell us the exact version of NVDA and of LibreOffice you are using. I know you said that you are using the latest version of NVDA but that doesn't tell us exactly which version you are using.
I can confirm that this is an issue using NVDA 2020.3 and LibreOffice Calc 7.0.1. I would encourage you to search the NV Access Github to see if this has been filed as a bug. If it has not please do report this if you have not already done so.

David Goldfield,
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On 10/14/2020 5:37 AM, Norman wrote:
Hello all.

As the subject line says, if using libreoffice with the latest version of nvda nvda doesn't report which cells i'm selecting if i hold down shift and use the arrow keys.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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