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Merv Keck <blind5sparrow@...>

This is pretty common if you are using windows ten and a USB hub. I see it all the time on brand new fully functional machines and external devices.
The only advice I can give is a work around which usually works for me. If you are plugging a USB device or drive directly into your PC you may have to try plugging it in a couple of times and eventually it will recognize it. Sometimes if you have another drive similar to that drive plugged in already and you unplug it first and then plug the offending drive in it will recognize the troublesome drive and then you can plug the first drive back in. I can usually always make it work wherever I am ad I hear the message. Hubs are usually the easiest to manipulate though. I used to keep a 4 port unpowered hub with me just in case but I recently donated it for another tech emergency when troubleshooting an issue somewhere.
Hope that helps.

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Hello list
All of a sudden I get the message "the last USB device mal functioned and is not recognized" when I connect a memory stick or the victor Stream or orbit Reader to my pc. Can this problem be solved? This happens even when I use one of the rear USB ports which I don't use often.

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