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Gerald Levy

But using a cheapo, non-Apple generic charger could damage the battery or phone itself and void the warranty.  This happened to my lady companion when she used a charger she purchased at the local 99 cent store to charge her Samsung smart phone instead of the lost charger that came with it.



On 10/14/2020 3:10 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
Why is a charger that much, when you can get a good one for
five dollars at Wal-Mart. I did, because it is one that the
plugs fold in. I keep it in my purse, so I can charge my
phone if I'm gone longer than expected, but it works fine. 

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Start trembling.  A charger will set you back $40.  Plus
another $40 for bluetoot earbuds, which are also not
included, but you may need, anyway, because there is no
headphone jack.  Oh, and didI mention a case and screen
protector, probably another $60 or so.  And if you walk
around with a white cane or guide dog harness in hand, a
neck lanyard will come in handy, probably about $20.  And
don't forget sales tax.  By the time you're finished, that
$700 IPhone 12 Mini will wind up costing closer to $1000.
But hey, Tim Cook has taken a page out of the P.T. Barnum
playbook: There's a sucker born every minute.  Blind
consumers are no exception.


On 10/14/2020 2:16 PM, Monte Single wrote:

	Here is where I begin to tremble.

	How much is a charger for the I phone 12?

	I'll likely have to go with a generic case!

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	As long as you have a 4G phone, it is compatible
with 5G networks, and you are not missing much of anything.
Unless you buy into the media hype and want to fork over
$700 or more for a 5G IPhone 12, which, shockingly, does not
come with a charger and like previous models, does not have
a physical home key.  But, hey, it's your money.


	10/14/2020 1:46 PM, Monte Single wrote:

		Hi List,


		What am I missing if I do  not have a 5g

		Well, yes I know about the lightning fast
uploads and downloads.

		That is,  whenever my carrier actually gets







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