Re: screwdriver set for opening laptop?

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          You seldom, very seldom, use a straight blade screwdriver for electronics.  And in Phillips, I'll be surprised if you go lower than a PH-0 on a laptop.  

           The problem here may be, and I can only say may, is that your computer maker may have chosen to use torx screws, which is not uncommon.  If you're not strapped for cash, I would go for the newer version of this set, Magnetic Screwdriver Set 57 PCS Includes Slotted/Phillips/Torx Mini Precision Screwdriver, CREMAX Non-Slip Repair Tool Kit with Replaceable Screwdriver Bits for Repair Home Improvement Craft, that has all of the straight blade and Phillips heads in the set you reference, plus a couple of Torx, too.  But the big plus is the one that takes interchangeable driver bits, and some of those are smaller torx and PoziDrive, Square, Phillips, Hex/Allen bits.  For the extra $10 it's well worth it if you expect to use these drivers for other purposes.  If not, provided your maker is not using any Torx screws, you should be fine with the one you were looking at.

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