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I think 5g is more significant for fixed wireless than smartphones, as the latency improvement will make 5g on par with DSL latencies, and allow it to replace old docsis cable, and most DSL speeds.

On 10/14/2020 1:18 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 01:55 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:
As long as you have a 4G phone, it is compatible with 5G networks, and you are not missing much of anything.
Hair splitting, I know, but I'd say the network is compatible with the phone, backward compatible in this case.

But the only real advantage of 5G is it's incredibly improved throughput, and if you're not even maxing out the throughput of 4G LTE with what you're doing (and most of us aren't anywhere near doing so), then it's more expense for an unused capability.

I always try to encourage all my clients to think about what it is that they are actually doing, or what it is they intend to be doing foreseeably, when they are looking at any new electronic device.  I have seen people throw away tons of money for the very, very top performing devices that very few professionals even buy and then using them to read email and surf the web.  You don't need a $2000 computer or smartphone to do those things, along with a lot more, and you absolutely don't need 5G to do that.  4G speeds are not only sufficient, but way more than that, and can handle streaming along with the other mentioned things going on, all at the same time, without bogging down.  (And I'm presuming that you're not going to try to be downloading 30 ISO files at once along with 9 months of unread email while watching Netflix, all at the same time.)

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