Re: screwdriver set for opening laptop?

enes sarıbaş

One question. So the really cheap set of bits I have has no magnitism that I can see. How do you remove screws in deep holes? The driver literally has no shaft for extention, and the screw will unlatch from the screwdriver and sit in the hole. I tested out on my current laptop a bit.

On 10/14/2020 8:23 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

           I honestly can't speak to durability in these sorts of drivers, as when you're dealing with fasteners that are so small, and that require very minimal torque, you should never "ruin" a driver or driver bit anyway.

           In a regular sized screwdriver, I haven't found that there is much of any difference, either, but I'm someone who uses screwdrivers and bits (for the most part, unless I'm using a drill-driver) pretty gently.  I don't have any straight blade drivers that are magnetic that are even close to large enough for, say, prying a paint can lid off!  And that's one way I do "abuse" some larger straight blade screw drivers.

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