Re: 5g and me

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

I guess I am a horrid lucky naughty child! I am able to use THIRD PARTY
CHARGERS for all My Shiny Android Toys with no problems. Typically, the
chargers that have shipped with my toys have not been long enough for my
liking. I have purchased THIRD PARTY chargers off Amazon that are about 10
feet long; some of these have been five chargers to a pack.

I've plugged in these chargers all over the place such that I'm never too
far away from one; I also bring one with me daily as part of my travel pouch
alongside a power bank for emergency use only. I do make sure that all the
third party chargers I have support data transfer.

All that said, I charge My Android toys once every two or three days and I
leave them all humming on their batteries 24 hours a day with all their
bells and whistles turned on.

Denver, Colorado

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