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Walter Ramage

Hi.  Thanks for your response.  Where in Win10 do I find those voices you speak of?  Walter.


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Sent: 15 October 2020 15:27
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] NVDA & vocalizer voices


Hi Walter,


Those voices do not come with NVDA.  Those are bought as an Add On to NVDA.  I bought them from some place called Code-something.  Sorry, their name starts with the word Code, but I can't remember the rest of their name.


However, I had nothing but problems with their Vocalizer voices for NVDA. 


In Win 10, I started using the Voices that come with Win 10, and I use the one named David, which to my ears is clean and clear enough for my uses. 


I like the Vocalizer voices and use them with JAWS all the time, but just had funky problems using them consistently with NVDA.


Others mileage may vary.


Grumpy Dave



On 10/15/2020 3:21 AM, Walter Ramage via wrote:

Hi all.  I have just installed one of the vocalizer voices on my Win10 machine and I went to NVDA to enable it but the voice I chose isn't there. It and other voices show in NVDA on my Win7 machine but for some reason it doesn't on my Win10 machine.  Am I missing something or not doing something I should?  after installing the vocalizer voice I did a restart to be sure but it still doesn't show.  Walter.


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