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Our computer guy, who primarily does commercial, has a cell phone, but not a smart phone. That really surprised me. Right now, my husband doesn't even have a smart phone. For both, I think it is economics; they see no reason for a smart phone, and in my husband's case right now, for a cell phone at all. Coincidentally, they happen to have originally come from the same state - could be they grow 'em thrifty there.

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I am able to use THIRD PARTY CHARGERS for all My Shiny Android Toys with no problems.

Same here. Match the output specs of the OEM charger exactly or fairly closely and you're generally good to go. I have never had an issue with a charger harming a device. The biggest/worst difference was when using one with a significantly lower power output than the OEM model which meant significantly longer charge times (and that was one I didn't buy, but borrowed).

As an aside with regard to the earlier parts of this conversation, as a professional computer tech who works primarily with residential clients, I'd say that at least 50%, if not more, of my clients would consider "a couple of hundred dollars" a major price difference that they'd have to think long and hard about. And now being at a time of life where I'm not working full time, and not being "made of money," I understand and respect that. I've never owned a flagship smartphone or computer (even though I'm in the business) because both are way more than I've ever needed as far as their capabilities go and way more than I need to spend as a result.


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