Help with very unusual issue with no solution thus far

Rick Alfaro

Will attempt to describe this issue as best I can. I’ve brought this up with JFW support but no joy there.


This is on a very fast Cyber Power gaming PC running at 3.9 GHZ with 16GB of memory. The application exhibiting the issue Clipmate from ThornSoft development. ClipMate is a clipboard manager. This app has worked flawlessly for years now but things changed when I installed a 43 inch 4k monitor to replace a smaller one I had via and HDMI port provided on my video card.


After installing the larger monitor, JFW stopped tracking the program context menus with the window in a restored state. Maximizing the window with tracking somewhat for listviews but made no difference with the context menus. This pretty much has made the program fairly useless. I’ve tried bringing down the screen resolution from 2160 to 1080p which was what my old monitor was set to but it made no difference. I also updated the video card drivers directly from the OEM’s web site again with no difference.


If anyone has any other ideas, I’m all ears and will gratefully give them a try.






Warmest regards


Rick Alfaro


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