ram and SSD not detected by new laptop

enes sarıbaş

Hi all,

So when purchasing a laptop I  opted to buy my own ram modules and SSD. However, as I was inserting the modules for the first time, I  spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the correct direction to insert them. However, when I did insert one, it firmly clicked into place. The second one only inserted backside up in the same position. The clips  latched on and hold it, but it seems to buldge a bit, and the clips didn't audibly click. When inserting the SSD, the  SSD slot was covered by a piece of plastic wrap. I unscrewed the screw, inserted into the MDOC2 slot and screwed the screw back on. However, the SSd was loose, and the plastic came loose. My question is,  what did I do wrong exactly with the SSD? And is that plastic wrap needed? I inserted it again, and it seems to be ok,  but the dirve isn't detected by bios iether. And only one of the ram modules is detected. What can I do about this? Do I pull the clips apart and press downward to seat the memory module. I assume it was inserted correctly, as it isn't possible apparently to insert ram the wrong way.

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