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For me, one of the most noticeable improvements with recent NVDA versions is its responsiveness in navigating through Word files with standard arrow key navigation. On newer, faster machines this was never really a problem. However, with my older Dell desktop there would often be a significant lag from the time I pressed a navigation key, such as right arrow, until the time when I actually received feedback on where my cursor or caret had moved to. There were settings I could adjust to make the delay more tolerable but Word was usually not a joy to use with NVDA. With some of the newer options which have been recently added the responsiveness in Word is now nearly as instant as what I receive in Notepad and, for me, this is just fantastic. Many thanks to NV Access for improving the accessibility to Office.

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On 10/17/2020 7:24 AM, Victor wrote:
I started using NVDA shortly after it’s first release. I did so because I wanted to support a free screen reader in the hopes that it would eventually be as good as jaws. Back then, I wasn’t sure that it ever would be. Thankfully, it is definitely as good as jaws and it may turn out to be better than jaws someday soon. I’m glad you’re enjoying the latest version.


On Oct 17, 2020, at 4:15 AM, Ann Parsons <> wrote:

Hi all,

I used to have to switch to a different screen reader when I wanted to use the BARD Express program because NVDA wouldn't read the entire anotation. I also used to have to switch when doing anything having to do with lists because NVDA would continually tell me the top item in the list before it would voice the current one. This was annoying.

I find now, after the recent update, that both these problems have been resolved! I'm a happy camper and I'm using NVDA almost exclusively. Oh, and BTW, I like the way it behaves in Zoom!

Ann P.

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