NVDA is Growing up


Yes, I too now use NVDA probably 80 percent of the time.  Still have
JAWS, and probably will have since the yearly upgrades are not super

JAWS still reads one program I use all the time better than NVDA.

But to Write emails and do other things, I find NVDA works quite well.

I use Excel, and NVDA works better for me than JAWS.

Especially if you are creating Spread Sheets and writing Formulas.

NVDA has been on my System for a number of years now, mostly used in
case Window Eyes, or then Jaws might fail.  In the last year, I started
having issues with JAWS, and their Tech people couldn't figure out the
problem, so NVDA has become my Go To Screen Reader program for the daily

I use the voice named David.

Grumpy Dave

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