Re: Needing a Command to read if a letter is Capitalized


Hi, just how would I do this in NVDA?? Thanks...


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Hi Dave,
NVDA has two options for differentiating between lower and upper case.
You can either have the voice change pitch, or you can have a beep. Or
you can have both.
Once you've selected that option, you can simply arrow to the letter and
it will do its thing.
Not sure how it works in braille, if at all. But again, beeps should
work in that case as well.
Hope that helps.

On 17/10/2020 08:40 pm, Dave wrote:

I've looked through the Jaws documentation, and I must have just missed
it. But what is the Command to read if a letter under the Cursor is a
Capitalized letter?

I have found how to find out the size, and the font, but not whether or
not it is in Caps.

did call Jaws, but their Tech Support was unavailable due to a Network
issue on their end.

Or if you happen to know the same command for NVDA that would work for
me too.


Grumpy Dave

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