locked Re: Amazon: Am I the only one that feels this way?


I loved this-

And I can't afford a chauffeur.  Am I entitled, because I'm blind and
can't afford one, to have one provided, on 24 hour call on accessibility

This one had me busting out laughing this morning.  Very Good post Gene.

It is refreshing to hear someone with a bit of reason addressing those
who Scream for Equality when they have no idea what it is they are

After saying that, I do wish that manufacturers would spend a bit more
money developing more in the way of Accessibility for the Blind, whether
it be for Software, Web Sites, or Wash Machines and Stoves.

I would love it if KORG would make some of the upper end Keyboards
Accessible.  Hell, I would even pay more for a Module to plug in that
made the normal Keyboard accessible.

But, as far as I know, to operate one of their machines is still an
acrobatic act and lots of memorization.

I know when I worked for a Software Development Company, the Boss was
always attempting to get the most out of the Development Staff as these
folks were the highest paid employees in the Company.

Several times, I had the chance to put in a request that alterations be
done to make the software more accessible.  And almost always, the Boss
would ask me, Dave, How many customers do you think are effected by our
program having less in the way of accessibility?

And I would have to say, probably about 50 to 100.  And even then, I was
Padding my numbers.   Knowing that the Boss wasn't going to do anything
until those numbers were  approaching 1000 or more.

The blind, while a minority Group, is rather small when it comes to the
numbers of those who would be customers of any Company.

I use Amazon fairly often, and I have learned how to navigate their
normal web site, and I did have some learning trials, but once I figured
out their way of doing things, I have little problem now, other than
wading through the volumes of information found on just about every screen.

I find that when it comes to the Blind, it is just about impossible to
make them all Happy.  Some catch on very quickly, and others never do. 
And those who don't will be the ones that will cry for better
accessibility laws and someone ought to do something for us poor blind
etc. etc.  And then in the same breath, they will tell me they are just
as productive as any Sighted person, and that they are independent and
can do anything they wish to do Bla Bla Bla!

Guess the question is when to draw the line when it comes to
accessibility.  How much is enough, and what about those who need even
more assistance?

eventually, someone has to make a decision, and usually it is made by
figuring in the Cost in both time and money.

I Dream of the day when Development Staff all know there are Blind
people in the World and some might want to use the products they are

Some are stunned to find out a Blind person might want to use a phone,
or a Microwave, or a Computer Game!  Not Kidding.

Not sure just what level of Hell these folks place the Blind, but few
ever think of Accessibility.  They are just trying to meet the Deadline
the Boss has put down for the program to be done, which is targeted for
the General public, where most are sighted.

Grumpy Dave

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