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Gerald Levy

Wrong.  The leading cause of vision loss in seniors is age-related macular degeneration,which is largely untreatable, not cataracts, which are treatable.  So yes, there will certainly be a surge in baby boomers who experience sight loss in the coming years and need help to remain independent. 


On 10/19/2020 10:58 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 10:40 AM, brian wrote:
We will not be just asmall minority they are not getting prepeared for this.
Yes, you will.  The prevalence of blindness may increase (and, given treatments for cataracts these days, even that's unlikely, since that's the "primary acquired blindness of aging") it will still be a very small minority of the population as a whole that is blind or visually impaired.

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