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Pamela Dominguez

Yes, but why aren’t the people in the accessability department trained?  Pam.

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Leedy Diane Bomar wrote:
So, why is it that when one calls the departments that provide customer service on using their hardware devices, which include accessible features such as voice view, the reps are not trained on those modes and want to send us to the Accessibility Department?
Do you not understand several things:
1.  Blind people are a tiny minority of the population, and, by extension, compose a tiny number of support calls.

2.  A great deal of what blind people call about is issues with accessibility, it is not cost effective, nor efficient, to try to train every support rep in an area that they may very well never actually have a question on over a period of years.

3. How darned lucky you are that there now exist dedicated tech support teams for disability related/accessibility related issues?

For heaven's sake, not only is it available, but it's available for no cost, and from those who specialize in it at an organization!  You couldn't please some people no matter how hard you tried!  The level of support now available, at no cost, and with subject-matter specialists to those using disability-related software is something that those of us in the general public would give our eye teeth to have available to us for non-disability related issues with the same things, but we don't, and we won't, either.  The degree of whining and willful metaphorical blindness in complaining about having dedicated teams of disability related tech support specialists available is jaw-dropping!

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