Something interesting that may be of importance


I have recently had an intermittent problem with Windows Live Mail but what I found out may be of benefit to people using other programs as well.

Now and then, I can't navigate around the program. If I check, it is still maximized, as it was but the solution I've found is to restore it, then maximize it again.

If others find themselves in such a situation, trying this with the program involved may solve the problem, whether it occurs again or not. It takes almost no time and even if it recurrs off and on, it is just a very minor nuisance.

To restore the program, use the command alt space, hold alt and press space. Then type r. To maximize the program, use alt space, then type x. If the program is not maximized as you usually use it, try maximizing it at first, then either leave it that way or restore it again if you wish.


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