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I'll make the following observations:
I used to do that sort of thing years ago but all I do now is explain what I did at times, such as I'll say, a search for this or that showed the following result or I may explain how to do something using a program but not say anything directive other than perhaps to say it is a good way to do whatever is being discussed or explain why it is better than other ways I've tried to do something, if I have tried others and if this way is better.

For whatever reason, going farther causes many people to feel as though they are being pressured to do something and it causes contention on lists, at least on lists primarily of blind users. I haven't been on primarily sighted lists where this sort of thing has come up.

I believe that one useful function of lists like this is to give people more confidence and help them learn that they can do things they may not have realized they can do. many people are somewhat afraid of computers and if lists like this lessen fear and increase confidence, that's a useful function. and speaking specifically of many blind people, due to inadequate or poor training, lists like this may help develop knowledge and confidence they might have gotten from training, but didn't. But since I have found that attempts to do so, if expressed in certain ways, regardless of intent, cause contention and misunderstandings, I avoid those ways.


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So what exactly, is wrong with my statement of a truth Brian?

Why does it seem to upset you so?


On 10/19/20, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

I can count on less than two hands the names I'm seeing on this group that I
do not see, regularly, on several others. I do not feel the need to
declare, every other day and on every group where I know others know me (and
often well) that I am fully sighted.

No one can say that I have been anything but forthcoming about that. And
you know that as well as anyone.

And I certainly feel no need to announce my sighted status when it is not
germane, and expecting someone to click-through on a link that contains
exactly what they asked about certainly has nothing to do with whether I am
sighted or they are sighted. It's simply what you do, not comment that the
silver platter that the information was presented on was not quite shiny


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