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Come on now.bryan helps out on all the groups that I have been subscribed to and have gotten lots of help from him in the past . 


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           I can count on less than two hands the names I'm seeing on this group that I do not see, regularly, on several others.  I do not feel the need to declare, every other day and on every group where I know others know me (and often well) that I am fully sighted.

           No one can say that I have been anything but forthcoming about that.  And you know that as well as anyone.

           And I certainly feel no need to announce my sighted status when it is not germane, and expecting someone to click-through on a link that contains exactly what they asked about certainly has nothing to do with whether I am sighted or they are sighted.  It's simply what you do, not comment that the silver platter that the information was presented on was not quite shiny enough.

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