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On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 04:51 PM, chris judge wrote:
Anyone sitting behind a keyboard doing what we’re doing is capable of conducting a google search, and if they’re not we should be helping them learn how to help themselves, not handing everything out on a silver platter.
Indeed.  And this is why "strong recommendations" have been added to the NVDA and Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group rules regarding same.

I have tutorials I need to update about searching the group archives since has made the results page much more easily navigable than it once was.  But the ability to do a web search and review the results is a basic, very basic, skill of computer use.  It's not unreasonable when certain questions are asked that everyone reading knows have been asked and answered untold thousands of times that many have the reaction, "You need to try web searching before imposing on the time of many other people by asking on a group."  And if you don't know how, then asking about how to do that should be the first order of business, and there are many on all these groups willing and able to assist you in acquiring that skill.

And I note, again, that I didn't even do that.  I gave a direct link to the Google Accessibility contact page, which gives all the methods one can use to contact them, including by phone.  It is odd, at least to me, that they actually give a phone number right on the page for TDD users but make those who are blind jump through a couple of hoops before you eventually get to the phone number.  I guess they hope that you might encounter an answer, or decide to use Be My Eyes/Chat/etc., during one of those hoops before you get the phone number.

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