Uploading files to Facebook

Sharon S

Hi all, I am a leader of a scout group. The group has a Facebook page which all the families are subscribed to. I have put together a program for the term for my group and now I need to put it up on the Facebook page. I am using the classic Facebook page which was suggested here and using internet Explorer. I know I should be using another browser but I am trying to get this computer ready to give to my mum so don’t want to put new programs on it at the moment. I have been able to write a message and post it to the group but I can’t find a way to upload files. I tried using the photo option and when I went to brows I chose all file types, then I navigated to the file I want to upload and hit enter. The box closed but then the Facebook page said it wasn’t a recognised format. Is there something I am missing? Or do I need to just copy the whole document and paste it into the message box?


Hoping someone can help.


I’m using Jaws 2020 and windows 10.



From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.


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