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Are you talking about all sites or just this or that one? There was discussion a number of days ago on a list I follow, I don't remember which one, that Face Book forces Edge to open the site if you are using Internet Explorer. It doesn't force Edge to do so when using other browsers.

Its an increasingly bad idea to use Internet Explorer for general browsing. It may still work better enough with Face Book than other browsers to justify using it for that site, I don't use Facebook and I don't know. The interface has changed on the main Face Book site and it may no longer be a significant advantage.

If a site doesn't work well with another browser and does with Internet Explorer, it may be a good idea to use it for that site. But, as I said, it is increasingly a worse idea to use it for general browsing.


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Are we all forced to used edge now? I know, there are other browsers out there such as brave etc. I guess the better question is ie no longer working?

I ask this because on my windows 10 latest and jaws 2020 latest, when launching ie, going to a site it opens in edge.

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