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I don't recall which list I saw that on, but this was discussed a number of days ago and two or perhaps more people reported the same thing. And this happens even when they don't use a shortcut or the run dialog but go to the Facebook directly\ in the browser.


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All I can report sir is my default browser is chrome, but when I launch ie, go to it opens up in edge.

I, at times get this message: The website you were trying to reach doesn't work with Internet Explorer - Office Support.

I don’t mind chrome, I just can’t log into fb with chrome.

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To tell the truth, I'd be shocked if Facebook itself is forcing Edge.

In virtually all cases, though there are some very rare exceptions, opening of URLs in a browser will occur in whatever browser you have set as the default web browser in Settings, Apps, Default Apps.

Microsoft did, long ago, switch its own "out of the box" and "as a result of certain updates" setting for default browser to Edge. I changed that to Brave on my own system.

Every once in a blue moon, though, I will have certain Microsoft webpages force a URL they open to open in Edge.


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