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Mike B <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Duke,
Here you go:
In your Gmail account settings, have you enabled the use of less secure apps? If you were to create a new Gmail account today and tried to set the account
up in the Outlook desktop app for instance, it would be blocked until you allowed the use of less secure apps. As for the exact process, here are the steps
if you are using the basic html setting in the online Gmail interface:
1. Log into your Gmail inbox.
Note:  If you use the, Links List keystroke, Insert + F7, to find the links in steps 2,3 and 4 along with first navigation it'll make things go much faster.
2. Locate and press enter on the settings link.
3. Locate and press enter on the Google account link, and not Gmail account link.
4. Find the, Security link, and press enter. 
5. Navigate by heading using the letter, H, until you get to, heading level 2, Less Secure App Access.
 6. Now down arrow to find an, On link, to toggle on the use of less secure apps, it could also be a checkbox.
Note:  I'm not sure if there's a save settings button or not, but it wouldn't hurt to look.
Again, the steps above apply if you are using basic html in the web interface of your Gmail account. If you are not, I’m sure you could Google the steps

Take care and stay safe.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers & Rams!
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Hi guys,
I have encountered a problem lately. I have outlook express on my
windows 7 laptop that I have been using until a bout a couple weeks when
I started using my desktop which also has windows 7 but with mozella
thunderbird. Being a newby in thunderbird, thereare certain things that
i do with outlook express that I don't how to carry them out in
thunderbird. So, yesterday I went back to my laptop to do those tasks in
outlook express only to find out that google is blocking me from
accessing my account stating that it does not allow a less secure third
party application to access my account. I actually have two mail
accounts. the main one which I have configured on both my laptop/outlok
express  and desktop/thunderbird has no issues. my second account which
is only configured on my laptop/outlook express  is the one being
blocked now. I tried to configure it in thunderbird on my desktop. The
same issue persisted. It was blocked due a less secure third party email
client. I also tried to tell google to accept less secure applications,
but to no avail. Any Ideas please?
Thanks in advance

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