Re: can't erase files from your streem

Marilyn and Don Bilderback

Thanks to everyone for their help. Since someone else said they didn't know how to copy to the computer and reinstall the data on a new card. I don[t know how either. Could someone give the details so I can keep them in my help folder for just such emergencies? I do use the Humanware Companion in case that helps. Do I remember there is an import and export listing on there? On my troublesome card, the slide is still there and I have moved it every which way to no avail.

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I recently helped a friend with this issue. It turned out that the selector switch on the side was broken. We copied the files onto a new SD card and all was well.


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Incidentally, I am also having trouble with my SD card. No matter
where I put the little selector on the side, the message I get is that
the card is wright protected. Is there a remedy or is there a new card in my future?


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Subject: [TechTalk] can't erase files from your streem

You might want to check the switch on the side of your sd card. It's
just a sliding switch, and sometimes they get changed when you're
pulling it out of the streem.


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