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Monte Single

Hi Mike,


I know the computer Jerry  is looking at is a desktop model.

Cannot it be used safely  if it sits on its side rather than he bottom.

I have a mid-tower computer which I have on its side instead of standing up.

Yes, my tower  computer takes up more room on its side, but I have my printer sitting on the tower.

I’ve been doing this for at  least 2 or 3 years with  no problem.


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You are aware that this computer is not the tower type that sits on the floor, usually, but it's the desktop type that takes a lot of space on a flat service of choice.  Just thought I'd mention it just in case you didn't notice the dimensions particulars.

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It depends on the price.

I can’t tell by the number, what generation of * core 7 processor?

It says ddr3 ram;  ddr4 has been in use for many years now.

I would  expect a new computer  to have a s s d   drive of some sort.

I would definitely look around and see what is available for the same money.


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I am looking to get a new computer and wondering if this the computer listed below will be a good computer to purchase.


Model: Lenovo M93 SFF Pro
Processor: Intel quad core I7 -4770 running at 3.4ghz and turbo boost to
Ram: 8GB DDR3 PC1600
Hard drive: 2TB 7200RPM Western digital
DVD+/-rw Super multi drive
Wireless: Asus AC-68 dual band capable of 1.3ghz
USB: 8 ports - 2 front and 6 rear
4 - USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.0
Dimentions: 13.3" W x 14.8" D X 4" high
Weight: 17.2 pounds
Includes Keyboard, mouse and power cord


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