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Please mout the iso from within the windows. you don't need to burn it to a DVD.

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Hello again Brian

I changed the subject. I downloaded the iso file but it is 4.6 GB and my DVD
disc which I bought long ago is 4.4 GB. Does one get DVD discs with larger



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The issue you're having sometimes occurs, and no one ever really
knows why (and I'm sure the actual underlying causes are myriad). What I
suggest is following these instructions:
Doing a Windows 10 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the Windows 10 ISO

And if you want to be "very strict" with your machine during
that process, make sure it's not connected to the internet. When you have
the ISO file you already have all of the essential components needed to do
the repair install or feature update. If there are additional updates that
were put in place after Microsoft issued the ISO file then those will be
applied via the normal Windows Update process after you again establish
internet connectivity.


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