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To copy text from a web page, load the page and press selection keys (control + A select all, shift + down arrow as many times as you need to copy a number of lines, control + page down for approximately 25 lines and so on) followed by control + C.  Then paste to where ever you want.
There are three basic ways to show the address bar: alt + D, control + L and the F6 key. I use the F6 key because pressing it again takes you back to exactly where you where before you pressed it.

Why none of this is working for you I can't say.

On 10/25/2020 5:20 AM, Kimsan via wrote:


So many things I cannot do with edge that I could do with other browsers. Is there a setting I need to change on edge?

Here are some examples of basic things I’m trying to do.

Copy text from a website, and accessing the address bar which I thought alt d would do the trick but when I do alt d, nothing.

Any assistance is always appreciated.

Thank you,


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