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Mike B.

When you have Edge open put in a search term and press enter to get a page loaded or you won't get the correct options showing in the next step.
Now press, Insert + V, to open the quick settings.
Down arrow to Virtual cursor options and right arrow to open if it's closed.
Down arrow to Select and copy... if it says Select and copy from Virtual cursor you're good, but if it says anything else press the spacebar to toggle through the settings until Jaws reports Select and copy from virtual cursor, now tab to Okay and press enter to save / close.
Down arrow to find

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Subject: [TechTalk] frustrated with edge


So many things I cannot do with edge that I could do with other browsers. Is there a setting I need to change on edge?

Here are some examples of basic things I’m trying to do.

Copy text from a website, and accessing the address bar which I thought alt d would do the trick but when I do alt d, nothing.

Any assistance is always appreciated.

Thank you,


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