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Alt d never copies text. It moves you to the address bar in the browsers I've used. Control c copies text.

I haven't used Edge and unless someone can tell me meaningful advantages of doing so, I see no reason to. the Brave browser is, very likely a better browser. It helps you hnot be tracked, it substitutes its own ads for web site adevertisements and the ads aren't targeted, and the web site receives money from the ads the Brave browser shows, thus not just blocking ads, but paying sites. It is attempting to have an ethical way of dealing with advertising. And it is much faster at loading pages because it loads it own ads and doesn't load nearly as much material.

You can downloade it at:

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So many things I cannot do with edge that I could do with other browsers. Is there a setting I need to change on edge?

Here are some examples of basic things I’m trying to do.

Copy text from a website, and accessing the address bar which I thought alt d would do the trick but when I do alt d, nothing.

Any assistance is always appreciated.

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