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I think it depends on how much text you are copying. For copying a number of lines, it is more simple to copy in the usual way. You can copy by line and edit what you don't want after pasting it somewhere. If you are copying a lot of text, perhaps a number of paragraphs, the temporary marker method may be easier, especially since, evidently, you can use the screen-reader's find command to move to the end of what you are copying, if you know what that is, and set the end marker there.


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Ron and All,

There's a much better and easier way of copying amounts of text from a website or from documents. The steps are below my note.

Note, In your browsers quick settings if you choose the, From Virtual Cursor option, this will copy the text without formatting.
If you choose the, Full Content Using Onscreen Highlight option, this copies the text with formatting.

A More Flexible Way to Copy Web Content to the Clipboard is using a temporary placemarker.

In addition to using standard selection commands to select and copy content from a Web page into the clipboard JAWS has another method for selecting text. However, the steps to do this must be followed just as below in order for this feature to work. Here is
how you must do it.

1. Move the virtual cursor to the beginning of the block of text you’d like to copy. I usually do this at the beginning of the block of text but I believe
that you can start at the end of the block.

2. Press ctrl+Windows+K. This sets a temporary place marker at the location of the virtual cursor.

3. Move the virtual cursor to the end of the block of text to be copied.

4. Press the layered keystroke insert+spacebar.

5. Press the letter M (for mark.)

6. Press ctrl+C to copy the block of text to the clipboard.

7. Now you can paste this wherever you want.

From: Marquette, Ed
In fact, the Windows key is employed with a number of fantastic JAWS keystrokes. One which I have come to use on an hourly basis is control plus windows
plus k to mark a spot in a word document.
One may later jump back to that spot instantly with just windows plus k; however, even more cool is the ability, in Word, to mark text from your cursor
to the marked spot, and it doesn't matter whether, in the document, your cursor is ahead of the marked spot or behind it or whether it is 4 words or 40
pages away. You mark text back to the marked spot with JAWS key plus space bar and then m.
Then, you can use control c to copy or control x to cut or windows c to append.
Try it! You'll like it!

Take care and stay safe. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go dodgers & Rams!
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I should have said shift + page down to select approximately 25 lines of text.

On 10/25/2020 9:01 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

To copy text from a web page, load the page and press selection keys (control + A select all, shift + down arrow as many times as you need to copy a number of lines, control + page down for approximately 25 lines and so on) followed by control + C. Then paste to where ever you want.
There are three basic ways to show the address bar: alt + D, control + L and the F6 key. I use the F6 key because pressing it again takes you back to exactly where you where before you pressed it.

Why none of this is working for you I can't say.

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So many things I cannot do with edge that I could do with other browsers. Is there a setting I need to change on edge?

Here are some examples of basic things I’m trying to do.

Copy text from a website, and accessing the address bar which I thought alt d would do the trick but when I do alt d, nothing.

Any assistance is always appreciated.

Thank you,

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-- They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes. They ask: "How Happy are You?" I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

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