Re: Warning about strange browser popups

Sylvia <sylvia0647@...>

Hi Beth, I have MSE and just did a full scan. Nothing was found. I will run
malware bites later.

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Sylvia, I think you ... have a virus. I have to be careful
writing this because I personaly had one of those, but Blake
handed me a copy of AVG, but that was when I had Windows 7.
strangely, no such problems with Win10. What malwadre protection
do you use? Antivirus? I heard that Blake's stepfather had
probems with MacAffee Antivirus, and now his pc is dead. ...

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Subject: [TechTalk] Warning about strange browser popups

Hi list, I hope this message isn't off topic but I wanted to warn
about some rather strange browser popups. I was doing a google
yesterday and I got a strange error message that stated that
there was
suspicious behavior associated with my account. I was given a
phone number
to call so that a Microsoft technician could assist me in solving
problem. Does anyone know if these messages have anything to do
malware? I've done a scan and nothing was found. No, I'm not
going to call
the number either. lol

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