Recycle bin issue, the solution

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  As requested here’s a summary of the problem I encountered with the recycle bin and how I got it fixed all be it by trial and error, mostly error!


I found out that by accident when deleting a file that I didn’t get a delete confirmation dialogue but by the time I discovered this I had deleted a file I didn’t want to delete.  I went to the recycle bin to retrieve it but it wasn’t there, nothing was there (this is a new computer and I’m just getting it set up in the manner I like).


I went to the recycle bin properties and checked the check box that would in future give me the delete dialogue and then tested it by deleting a file I didn’t want to keep.  However, although I got a delete confirmation dialogue it asked me if I was sure I wanted to permanently delete the file and not asking if I was sure I wanted to send the file to the recycle bin.


I went to the recycle bin properties and the first thing I got was 1. “Settings for selected location group” then a list of drives I had connected.


Then there was:

2. “Custom size radio button checked.”

3. “Maximum size:”

4. “Don’t move files to the recycle bin. Don’t move files radio button checked.”

5. “Immediately when deleted radio button checked.”

6. “display delete confirmation dialogue checked box checked.”


Then the OK button etc.


I was Unable to uncheck any of those options except #6 but I didn’t want to uncheck that one.


I tried every combination I could think of and all without success including using 3 different screen readers.


I then decided to go downstairs to my computer in the lounge which is Win10 and went to the recycle bin properties.  Those properties had the don’t send to recycle bin unchecked and the 2nd one checked but also where there was a list of my connected external drives the lounge computer had “local disc C” but that didn’t show on the upstairs computer.


I then went back upstairs and disconnected all my external drives so the upstairs and lounge were the same.  I now went back into recycle bin properties and “Local disc” now showed.


I tabbed to “custom size” and it was checked and when I tabbed past Max size to Don’t send deleted files to the recycle bin the radio button was unchecked.


The big moment was when I deleted an unwanted file and I got the delete confirmation dialogue but this time it asked me if I was sure I wanted to send the file to the recycle bin and of course I said yes.  I went to the recycle bin and there the file was, Success!


Just out of interest I connected one of my external drives and tried deleting an unwanted file; got the confirmation dialogue and it went to the recycle bin.


I still don’t have an answer as to why I couldn’t get the don’t send to recycle bin radio buttons unchecked and then eventually did so.  The only circumstantial change made was to disconnect my external drives and that then allowed the “local Disc” option to appear, other than that I’ve no idea what caused the change.


Sorry this has been a bit long winded but didn’t know how other to describe what happened.  Walter.




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