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I don't know how you solve the problem. NVDA reads the information if I left arrow. It may be that using the read current line command, JAWS key numpad 8 in the desktop layout, I don't know the laptop layout, may read it. Or it may be that JAWS doesn't support that change in NVDA. I have another suggestion but I'll wait to see what you report.


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I think the problem occurred when I upgraded to Thunderbird 78.4.0. For
an example:

When I replied to this message, I wanted to see if the message was going
only to you or going to the list. In the older version of Thunderbird
which I had up until today, I could just shift, tab back to the "to"
field and Jaws would read to me who was going to receive this message.

But now, I can't do that. I can get to the "to" field, but what Jaws
reads is 2 with one address, use left arrow to focus on it". But the
left arrow doesn't get me there. If I continue shift, tabbing it
says"other types of address field" and another shift, tab takes me to
the BCC,CC". So I can never find out to whom the message is going. "I
suspect there is just a new keystroke I have to figure out, but I
haven't hit on the right combination yet.

Probably without using Thunderbird yourself, this won't make much sense
so I am hoping someone on the list does use Thunderbird and has worked
out the right keystroke.

But thanks for your willingness to listen to my dilemma.


On 10/29/2020 7:59 PM, Gene wrote:
What are you having problems with. I don't use Thunderbird much but I know a reasonable amount about it. But without knowing what problems you are having, I don't know what to address. I didn't intend the pun but I'll point out that it is one.

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Hi, Are there any Thunderbird users out there? I think what has happened
is I accidentally, or was forced into, upgrading to Thunderbird 78.4.0
and it has some differences I can't figure out. Can anyone help?

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