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I don't have a current version of JAWS on my computer because I haven't used JAWS for years. On my very old version, when I left arrow, I don't hear anything. Using NVDA, I hear the address I am on. If I left arrow more than once, I move to other addresses, one left arrow moves me to another address and if I left arrow again, I am on another address, etc. With JAWS, the only way I can hear the addresses is to left arrow once, press enter, use read current line to read the address, press escape, left arrow twice to get to the next address, press enter, use read to end, press escape, left arrow three times, press enter, use read current line, etc.

Others who use JAWS may have other suggestions.


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From: Gene
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I don't know how you solve the problem. NVDA reads the information if I
left arrow. It may be that using the read current line command, JAWS key
numpad 8 in the desktop layout, I don't know the laptop layout, may read it.
Or it may be that JAWS doesn't support that change in NVDA. I have another
suggestion but I'll wait to see what you report.

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I think the problem occurred when I upgraded to Thunderbird 78.4.0. For
an example:

When I replied to this message, I wanted to see if the message was going
only to you or going to the list. In the older version of Thunderbird
which I had up until today, I could just shift, tab back to the "to"
field and Jaws would read to me who was going to receive this message.

But now, I can't do that. I can get to the "to" field, but what Jaws
reads is 2 with one address, use left arrow to focus on it". But the
left arrow doesn't get me there. If I continue shift, tabbing it
says"other types of address field" and another shift, tab takes me to
the BCC,CC". So I can never find out to whom the message is going. "I
suspect there is just a new keystroke I have to figure out, but I
haven't hit on the right combination yet.

Probably without using Thunderbird yourself, this won't make much sense
so I am hoping someone on the list does use Thunderbird and has worked
out the right keystroke.

But thanks for your willingness to listen to my dilemma.


On 10/29/2020 7:59 PM, Gene wrote:
What are you having problems with. I don't use Thunderbird much but I know a reasonable amount about it. But without knowing what problems you are having, I don't know what to address. I didn't intend the pun but I'll point out that it is one.

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Hi, Are there any Thunderbird users out there? I think what has happened
is I accidentally, or was forced into, upgrading to Thunderbird 78.4.0
and it has some differences I can't figure out. Can anyone help?

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