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Ann Parsons

Hi all,

A couple of things come to mind here. First, what are you intending to do with this laptop? If you intend using it for advanced wordprocessing, playing media files, or storing audio files or pictures, you don't want a tablet. Tablets are great for most things, but they cannot help you if you want to do advanced wordprocessing e.g. adding running headers, adding attributes, adding headings, working with tables or footnotes or prolonged co-authoring of documents. A tablet is not a computer and cannot be used as such.

Second, the group is right, 4GB of RAM is not enough these days, especially for Jaws with all it's extra programs. You want 8GB of RAM.

You also want a decent mike and camera so you can Zoom. Everyone's using Zoom from ACB to schools to medical practices to university lectures. You want both a mike and a camera! Now most of the ACB webinars are designed for folks who are blind, so they don't care if you don't have a camera. On the other hand, if you expect to do any tele-medical stuff or meet with sighted friends, you'll want a camera. After all, your doctor wants to at least see you.

size of hard drive isn't as important with all the 1TB, 2TB and even 3TB external hard drives available for reasonable prices, but 500GB should do you just fine.

Again, it always, always depends on what *you* are going to do with this laptop. That is the driving force behind any decision to get a new computer.

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