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Rob Hudson

Yeah. I'm running here on an I-5 quad core with 8gb. I'd consider this a mid range machine and it's doing ok for normal use. My power machine is currently out of commission until I can fix it.
I've got crhome with 60 odd tabs, ebook reader, irc client, WSL, windows powershell, and a bunch of other stuff going. Aand current ram usage shows about fity-one percent. So, not too bad.

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We agree that not going for "the lowest of the low" or even "the lower end" is generally not a good idea.  My central point is that mid-range processors produced over the past 5 years or so are way more than sufficient for screen reader use with scads of other stuff running.

My machine would not be considered a powerhouse by today's standards, but as my example showed, it's capable of simultaneously handling demands that, based on my experience and observations, exceed what the bulk of users, blind or not, typically put on their machines at any given time, particularly if there is generous RAM involved.  If I happen to be in  lighter than is typical for me mode this machine still flies like a jet.  Right now, under pretty heavy load, it's more like a regular plane.

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