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nothing less than an I5 if I have anything to say about it. I tried
using a friends i3 machine when I didn't have a laptop for a bit and
it was so painful. 8 gb is fine on a basic machine but 16 or more is
what I want on a daily driver. Also ssd m.2 I wouldn't want to ever go
back to using an hd paying that extra cost is more than worth it.

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On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 01:11 PM, Gene wrote:

I may comment further [re: SSDs vs. HDDs] but I'll wait to see what
Gene, I'll simply say that there is no question about the speed improvement,
as in that the end user experiences, when using an SSD versus an HDD, and
the bigger the HDD you're used to, the slower it will be simply because
there is "more territory" for seeking that the read-write heads have to do
on a larger capacity drive, and that is, by far, the slowest part of the
processing of a HDD.

SSDs, having no moving parts, are orders of magnitude faster in data access,
and since reading and writing files (even if they're temp files, browser
cache, etc.) is a huge part of what any computer program is doing, at least
at intervals (e.g., MS-Word doing auto save behind the scenes), an SSD
really does give a huge boost to speed both at the hardware level and at the
end-user experience of "zippiness" level.

It simply cannot be argued, as anyone who's dealt with both technologies
repeatedly will attest.


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