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I did try toggling the Full Screen key, F11, but that didn't help on either computer and tablet mode was not activated on the Windows 10 computer.  As I said in another message playing with the mouse did something that fixed the issue on both computers.  I guess somehow the mouse got bumped or jostled about and that triggered something and moving it / clicking the buttons stopped whatever had happened.  After feeling around my desk it feels like my speaker bar had slipped and bumped into the mouse which must been the cause of the problem.  Thank you very much for your input.

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I am not sure if either one of these may be the case, but both are worth checking (particularly with the Sync feature among browsers on multiple machines):

1. Have you accidentally activated full screen mode?  F11 toggles full screen on/off.  Edge should still show its full context menu even when full screen is on, but the other Chromium-based browsers do not.

2. Could you possibly have toggled Windows 10 into Tablet mode?  Check the Action Center, as the Tablet Mode button acts as a toggle.  If it's on/active/pressed then hit it again.


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