Upgrading Memory and Storage

Joe Orozco

Hello everyone,

My apologies to Mary for latching onto her laptop thread and perhaps
expanding it beyond what she had been hoping.

First, what is your experience upgrading RAM on your laptops? Like
Mary, I am also looking at buying a new laptop, but then it occurred
to me I could just upgrade the RAM as one possible means of getting
what I want out of a couple machines I already own. The smaller HP
Pavilion only features 4 gigs and could very likely benefit from a
boost. I'll have to check to see if the memory can in fact be upgraded
on that particular 11 inch model. I have 8 gigs on my larger Lenovo
T470, with one slot empty, so I'm thinking I could also double that
memory for a more fluid experience. I've been noticing points of
sluggish where there used to be faster processing.

My questions:

1. How much RAM is too much RAM before the experience boost is negligible?

2. I ran a scan on Crucial. I think I could buy memory kits cheaper
than what I found on their site, but I'm worried about compatibility.
What do I need to look out for if I purchase outside of Crucial's
recommended products?

3. Finally, have you successfully installed the kits yourself? I'm
worried about lifting out the sticks incorrectly and harming the gold
connectors. I'm not sure I want to spend extra money on something like
Geek Squad, but I will if it comes to it. I may post around my
apartment building too in case someone is familiar with the process
and charge me cheaper.

And then, looking at SSD upgrades, what is the best way to transfer my
current operating system with files and settings onto a larger drive?
The Lenovo has 256 gigs, of which a little over 200 gigs have been
consumed. My documents only take up about 30 gigs, so I'm frankly
appalled at the amount of space the hard drive has been taken up with
the operating system and installed programs.

I know SSD drives still remain relatively expensive, but even after
purchasing additional RAM and possibly SSD, I think it would be less
expensive than going in for a whole new machine.

Thanks for any help.


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