Re: Any recommendations of instructional technology websites?


Do you mean learning how to used various programs with tutorials or instructions for how to perform specic tasks or both?

There is a site called Accessibility Central. I haven't looked at it much but it has a lot of tutorials. While they tell you how to use programs with NVDA, if you know your screen-reader a lot of the information perhaps most should be usable by you. If you kknow your screen-reader, you will know how to do the equivalents that use screen-reader commands. Most of what people use most of the time are Windows and program commands.
Here is a link to the home page:
Here is a link to the main tutorial page:
Quite a way down the page you will see a link that says NVDA tutorials for other programs. The address is:

On that page, moving by heading appears to be the best way to see what is available. I haven't looked at the other pages enough to know if that is consistent. But that page may be the one where you will find most of what you want unless you want to learn about NVDA in some detail.

You won't see this if you move by headings on this page but there is something you or others may be interested in, a tutorial on Thunderbirdl.


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Are there any specific websites you prefer to go to learn technology-related how-to's and tips and tricks, including topics on computer and mobile devices? I googled something and came up with results I'm not sure are the most reliable sources of instructions.

Thanks for any input you may have,

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