Re: NVDA, A Space Hog

Joe Orozco

I'm also at a loss. There are folders in there that don't seem to
belong, like that recycling bin folder. When I get home from work I'll
have to share the list of folders and files to see if someone can help
me compare the file directory they see on their system. I remember
creating a portable version of the application when I reloaded the app
on that particular laptop, but that should not create bulk over 80
gigs. Hell, even JAWS does not take up as much space as I thought it


On 11/2/20, Dave <> wrote:

Just for laughs, I checked my own installation of NVDA on a Win 10
System, up to date with all Windows and NVDA updates.  Total space on
this Machine was 125 MB, and not GB.

Not sure why yours is claiming 80 Gigabits of valuable HD space.

Grumpy Dave

On 11/1/2020 8:02 PM, Joe Orozco wrote:
I was looking at my C drive. It was showing over 200 GB of space used.
I thought that strange and assumed Windows must have bloated at some
point. But as Brian pointed out, the OS does not take up much space,
so I started poking around and damned if I didn’t discover NVDA alone
was hogging up 80 gigs all on its own. There’s a recycling bin that
alone was taking up 40 gigs. The library folder was also heavy in
data. Can someone explain why this might be happening? I don’t want to
take an ax to things without understanding why it might be doing this.
Thanks for any info.


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