Re: NVDA, A Space Hog

Joe Orozco

Yes, I would be interested. The only thing I can think of that would
have generated such volume is an addon I may have installed. I could
just delete my copy of NVDA and start over, but if there's something
else causing the issue, I'd like to know. Thanks in advance.--Joe

On 11/2/20, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

I would suggest using a disk space analysis tool to get a really clear
picture of what's being stored where.  If you have any interest in doing
that, I will check if SpaceSniffer or TreeSizeFree (which are free, and
SpaceSniffer can produce a very nice text based report) is accessible.  But
I won't slog through that unless I know you're interested.

There is no way that NVDA itself has created an 80GB folder.  Something else
has to be involved.


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