Re: anyone using nfl gamepass


wow! thanks for the response, keep makings things for us all the time

On 11/2/2020 12:51, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Tenny,

OK, this is a bit convoluted on the web page, but here is what you do.
1. Use the address (for easier access) This takes you right to the listing of games.
2. The page is haphazzardly constructed so find the 2020 season and week 8. Click on the week 8 link.
3. After a bunch of listings of previous years and games, you should come to the listings for week 8.
4. Sloly read over the listings line by line (they are abbreviation so you will have to listen closely and maybe if you're not sure use character navigation to determine for sure which listing you are looking at.
5. Under each listing, there is a listen link. Click on this link.
6. Again you are presented with a haphazard screen and you must move down to the listing of radio broadcast links. They seem to include the TV reference across all pages and sub pages for Game Pass. In any case, you should see the listings in abbreviated form again, but this time, there is a combo box containing the home and away items.
7. Highlight this combo box and switch to edit mode NVDA insert + space bar or the JAWS equivalent of turning off the PC cursor.
8. Use up and down arrows to select either home or away and press enter.
9. I notice that under the combo box, there are a group of controls and one of them is play. But as soon as I chose the home/away item in the combo box, the stream started playing without any further action.

In this combo box, unlike the iPhone app, there are only two choices: home and away. In the iPhone app, which has a totally different construction, there are 4 buttons for each game: two for home and away English and two for home and away Spanish. I guess since your chosen language is English for the web version of this interface, the site assumes you only want the English links. Probably, if you chose Spanish as your default language when you signed up, the two choices would be the Spanish feeds--but this is just a guess on my part.

In conclusion, the site though clumsy--just as is the iPhone app--is useable once you get used to it.
Good luck.
On 11/2/2020 9:41 AM, tony via wrote:
only use the web page, on w10/w7 pc

On 11/1/2020 12:14, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Teny,

Using the IOS app, I see both a home and away button for the feeds. Are you talking about the IOS or Android app or the webpage itself?

On 11/1/2020 10:47 AM, tony via wrote:
noticed last few weeks only 1 listen button is present for each game
there used to be a home button and an away button

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