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Hi All,


Okay, below is the Beta 3 download link for 32 and 64 bit systems, the Beta 3 report form link and what's new in the Beta 3 J2021.2010.47release.

Beta 3 32 and 64 Bit Download Link:



Beta Report Form Link:



What's new in Beta 3 for Jaws, ZoomText and Fusion:


Enhancements in JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2021 Public Beta 3


The following is a list of improvements made between Public Beta 2 and Public Beta 3. Note that while many customer-reported enhancements are included
in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.


Enhancements in JAWS 2021 and Fusion 2021 Public Beta 3
list of 29 items
• Added the ability for Sharky to tell you a joke, currently only available in the English Version and for JAWS. Coming soon to other languages.
• Removed volume change announcements that some users reported hearing in Public Beta 2 when using certain keyboards and headsets with multimedia controls.
• In response to customer feedback, we have moved the link to open Convenient OCR results directly in Word to the bottom of the results window rather than
the top to make it less distracting.
• For Voice Assistant in the German Version of JAWS and ZoomText, the word "hey" has been added to the wake words Sharky and Zoomy. Therefore, you now
open Voice Assistant by saying "Hey Sharky" or "Hey Zoomy."
• Improved the results returned for Voice Assistant in German, which was based on customer feedback.
• Resolved a problem seen in Notepad where the flashing cursor on a braille display was blinking faster than normal after selecting all text in a short
document. This also made it difficult to read flash messages on the display.
• Updated Voice Assistant so you can now say "settings center" or "quick settings" to access those utilities.
• Resolved a reported issue when using the new Braille Panning feature which helps avoid blank spaces on the display. When moving in HTML or the Virtual
buffer, there were certain edit controls in the Chrome and Edge browsers where text was not being displayed as expected when panning.
• Resolved a reported issue in Outlook where JAWS was not echoing text as expected when typing in the body of a new message with Typing Echo set to Words.
• Removed the announcement of Tutor Messages in Microsoft Office Ribbons as they were very verbose when attempting to navigate.
• When opening a message in Outlook, resolved a reported issue where JAWS would not always start reading from the top if it has previously been opened.
It would often start reading from the previous location where you stopped reading the last time.
• Resolved an issue in MS Mail where JAWS was reporting list start and end info for each item in a list.
• Users can now use Voice Assistant to Toggle certain features of JAWS and Fusion. Screen Shade, Audio Ducking, Speech on Demand, and Virtual PC Cursor
can all be toggled if you say the word toggle, followed by the feature. And in the December Update of 2021, we will make it so you can just say the name
of the feature, and it will toggle the state and avoid the need for the word toggle.
• Resolved issues for the Picture Smart Feature where the "more results" link in the Results Viewer, was not properly getting more results and displaying
them as expected.
• Updated the Help for Voice Assistant by removing and adding some commands for the current update.
• Resolved an issue when selecting all text (CTRL+A) in a large Word document. This action would cause JAWS to hang for several seconds.
• Resolved a reported issue where exporting your Settings, could cause instability as you navigated the dialogs while using this feature in JAWS.
• Resolved an issue where JAWS would not remain in Forms Mode, while trying to compose email messages in OE Classic.
• Resolved several issues related to migrating settings from previous versions of JAWS to JAWS 2021.
• Resolved issues for customers reporting that JAWS did not recognize ScaleRichView controls used in certain editors. This custom window class will be
recognized by default in JAWS and Fusion.
• Resolved an issue reported where braille was not tracking to the Navigation Bar in Outlook 365 or Outlook 2016 when pressing F6.
• Additional User Settings are collected when running the FS Support Tool. This will help Technical Support to gather all the relevant data to help solve
customer issues.
• JAWS would leave Forms Mode and the Virtual Cursor would be on when creating an email in Thunderbird Email. This occurred when navigating with arrow
• Resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading the Auto Complete options in the Chrome Address bar.
• Increased the size of the Speech History Buffer to allow for 500 strings rather than just 50 when you press INSERT+SPACE, H to review the most recent
strings sent to the synthesizer.
• The feature "Keyboard Lock" has been added to JAWS Command Search. To activate it, press INSERT+SPACE, L. This locks the keyboard and only allows informational
keystrokes to be used. To find the keystroke using JAWS Command Search, type the word "lock."
• Resolved reported issues with early public beta versions of 2021 where third-party scripts were not compiling. This was an issue when using WordPerfect
and Quattro Pro.
• Updated braille drivers provided by Papenmeire.
• Resolved reported issue in Power Point 365 in the Notes Area of a slide where JAWS was saying graphic while navigating text in the note.
list end


Enhancements in Fusion 2021 Public Beta 3
list of 3 items
• Resolved an issue when composing an email in Outlook where tracking by Fusion in the magnified view would fail. This occurred if you first selected text,
and then started typing to replace it.
• Resolved an issue where the Focus highlight is not tracking in Office Ribbons when JAWS Virtual Ribbon is enabled.
• Resolved an issue where Braille Viewer and Text Viewer were not remaining persistent and restarting after rebooting. They should stay active until the
users shuts them off in the future.
list end


Enhancements in ZoomText 2021 Public Beta 3
list of 4 items
• Resolved an issue in Mozilla Firefox 82 where ZoomText Focus Enhancement was failing to track as you read while navigating in Firefox.
• Resolved a Voice Assistant issue when trying to increase or decrease magnification to a Fractional Level. For example, asking Zoomy to set Magnification
to 1.2, resulted in getting 12X. the decimal point was being excluded.
• Resolved an issue where ZoomText speech would not stop when saying a Voice Assistant command. The feature was designed to interrupt speech.
• Resolved an issue in the Outlook Inbox when your Windows Display Setting Zoom Level is higher than 100%, and you navigate the inbox. The view is shifted
to the right as you navigate making it impossible to see the left edge of the window.
list end

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